J.T. Gray

Growing up on Cape Hatteras Island, Jarvis (J.T.) Gray began taking and making photographs at the age of 14. He quickly realized he had an eye for capturing beauty of the island. As a junior in High School he won his first photo contest, winning best color photograph in the state, at the time it was quite an achievement considering JT was self tought.
Always having a passion for the ocean he borrowed a 110 Minolta waterproof camera and started shooting photos of his friends surfing. This is what JT excelled at and loves doing. To this day he would rather be getting washed around in big heavy shorebreak than anything else.
After moving to Oahu in early 2002, JT quickly came on the scene and had his first photos published in WATER Magazine, since then he has been published in everything from PRO DIGITAL IMAGING, BODYBOARDING Magazine, Surfing Mag, and has been featured in SURGE Bodyboarding magazine and his work can be seen in numerous books worldwide. JT has also done advertisement work for WAVE REBEL, ELMNOP, OPTION, LACER Headwear, Oahu Grown Clothing and in 2012 did a collaboration with RUSTY clothing.
JT uses the finest NIKON equipment along with CMT Waterhousings.